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Ashley Judd Women’s bodies have been made fair game by the media and at this point, we’re pretty much out there for everyone to comment on.  Our thighs, our butts, our bellies, our faces. Then there’s the movie, TV, and music stars. There is a whole industry invested in the…

International Women’s Day: It Cannot Be Okay

While skimming through tweets, I read one that posed this question: What do we fight for on International Women’s Day? Which issues should we focus on? What does it mean to be a woman? It is officially International Women’s Day in my country. There will be a gathering of women, all sizes and shapes, all […]

Undoing Damage

There are conversations you have with people that you can’t ever forget, even if you are no longer in their lives, or you in theirs. In 2009, I took on the role of editor for the Women’s Edition of Metior, Murdoch Guild’s student magazine. Part of my job constituted of commissioning articles, which is really […]