An open letter to BN about the elections:


I just had to re-blog this Open Letter to the Barisan Nasional – please read and have a good laugh!



Dear Barisan Nasional,

How have you been? Looks like you’ve got this whole election business in the bag! Everyday I open the newspaper and there is nothing but praise for BN! Turn on the TV and it is the same thing. You never let me down. Not like those opposition jokers who are always fighting among themselves.

I hope it’s not too pre-mature, but CONGRATULATIONS on bagging the coming elections! That is how much I believe in you. Just look at all the election flags and buntings! Driving around town, all I can see is the white ‘dacing’ boldly standing out against a sharp blue background. Beautiful. It’s like Mardi Gras, if the Mardi Gras was only blue and white. Even in Selangor where I live, your colours are everywhere. Way to show them who’s boss.

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