Find out the grrl code for our bodies.

Matrifocal Point

Women’s bodies have been made fair game by the media and at this point, we’re pretty much out there for everyone to comment on. 

Our thighs, our butts, our bellies, our faces. Then there’s the movie, TV, and music stars. There is a whole industry invested in the way celebrities look and it models for the rest of us what to worry about or be aware about. I still remember the comment made about some star wearing “mom” jeans. I’m a mom. I’m proud to be a mom, but I don’t want to wear “mom jeans.” They said she looked horrible. And who wants to look horrible? The media slander about women’s bodies and what we wear or put on those bodies affects us. It just does.

Ashley Judd, who was just media slammed for having a puffy face, came back with an awesome feminist argument that can’t be…

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