Sincerely, Yours

*Disclaimer – this post contains some vulgarity.  Please take note – no offense meant.
I am
a piece of meat
ass tits pussy
look at the buns on that one.
i want to fuck her.
I am
just skin, flesh
sexy hot fuckable
my heart squishes
under your metal-toed shoes.
I am
a girl
I am to be fucked.
Therefore I am to be
filled, penetrated,
prodded, probed.
I am,
a hole for your
blind lust,
a snake which finds its way,
swallowed whole
in the black darkness.
I am
still inadequate, lacking
the ideals of a woman’s body,
my breasts too small,
my tummy too protruding,
suck suck suck it in.
I am
lifting my head to the
deafening roar of voices
that tell me what
my body should look like
should could would
lose some grams
stand up straighter
just a little bit more,
just a little bit more
and I’d be perfect.
I am
cursed with curves
that refuse to conform to
the straight rigidity 
of patriarchy.
I am
blinded by
images of
spotless butt cheeks,
uncaressed by the dimples of cellulite.
of Photoshopped wonders,
 legs that go on for miles,
breasts of an Egyptian goddess.
I am
the witness to
beautiful girls
who think they’re ugly,
because someone said so,
because someone told them
that there is only one version of beautiful,
only until you’ve
straightened out your curls,
down to the stubborn tips that
curl back up through no volition of their own,
only then are you
adequate, complete.
Good. Enough.
I am
the stunned bystander
to the deluge and flurry of
hair pressed, blown, ironed,
faces powdered, blotted, concealed,
eyes gouged, swiped, coloured,
cheeks pinched, slapped, blushing,
lips pouty, pink and ready.
And then
I am
ready to face a
world of faces equally
pressed, like my own,
a caricature of our times,
complete with stilts stilettos.
Do the catwalk baby.
You’re a woman now.

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